We Need Your Support!

Many thanks to those who are mailing in their weekly offertory to St. Ambrose or are using Faith Direct to help support the financial needs of our parish.  We have ongoing operating needs and our Sunday offertory is the main source of revenue to meet our expenses.  We recognize that some of you may have less income depending on your circumstances; however, many others still have your regular income.  Please know that your financial support is necessary to maintain our payroll, parish operations and outreach during these uncertain times.

For those using Faith Direct, I thank you and ask your continued support.  Mailing your donation is an option but I encourage you to consider beginning the use of Faith Direct.  Click here to sign up and help us in our mission at this critical time.



Carla Yaglou
Business Manager

Give Online

Click here to sign up for Faith Direct or access your Faith Direct account.  Our church code is VA401.